The best lies are told with fingers tied


I need a 500 pack of these

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I’ll miss playing a fun character, but nothing compares to everyone here. I’ll miss them a lot. —Jack Gleeson

Just because you die and leave, doesn’t mean you’re not apart of the family anymore. Once game of thrones family, always game of thrones family. —Natalie Dormer

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Fox News talks about working mothers’ negative impact on their children. AKA “When Fox News gets so misogynistic that their own anchor is 1026% done with them.” [x]

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Hey you, I like your face (1/?)
↳ Pedro Pascal (feat. Lena Headey) (x)

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"1. Our tongues moved together at an awkward slippery pace. I didn’t know what to do with my hands but he did. His hand crept through the crack in my thighs as his teeth clamped around my lip. I don’t even think he knew my name.
2.He pressed me against a wall. When I tried to get away, his tongue slid between my lips and into my mouth. I frowned into the kiss and put my hands on his chest trying to distance myself from him. I never do that.
3. I thought he was a nice boy who wanted to love me. Too bad I was too busy loving some other boy to notice the blonde hair girl he was spending too much time with. I’m sorry. No. I’m really not.
4. Every time I kissed him I squeezed my eyes shut. So tight it hurt. With each time our lips connected a small fragment of my heart cracked. When he left, there wasn’t much left without a crack. He was a mistake that I didn’t want to learn from.
5. He kisses me and I feel the love pouring from him into me. I’m not a hopeless romantic but there is nothing but romance spilling from his strawberry lips and into my cold hearted body."
5 boys I’ve touched (via decepsion)

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"Kings" + Final Words

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The recent supreme court decision characterizing the legal status of natural vs. synthetic DNA was the successful result of our lobbying strategies. We are proceeding with the next tranche of patent claims 

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